It won't FIX, it will break again.

First of all, please check what is displayed in the GNSS/GPS status screen.


①When the message "Correction information is being received" is displayed

1)The location information of the reference station (Base) you have installed is not correct.

・If you change the location of the antenna, the amount of error will be generated by moving the antenna, and it will not be FIXed. If the antenna is moved even a little bit, the error will be generated even if it is FIXed.

・If the measurement time of the antenna position is too short, it may not be calculated correctly depending on the GNSS signal condition at that time. Please set the antenna position measurement time to 1 hour or so in "AgriBus-GTools" and try to measure again.

2)The distance from the reference station (Base) is far.

For high accuracy RTK positioning, the distance between a mobile station and a reference station should be "approximately 10 km or less". If the distance is more than that, there is a possibility that the error will be FLOAT, but if the goal is to achieve an error of "within 3cm", a distance of about 20km is not a practical problem. In some cases, users have been able to FIX the system even at a distance of 50km.

3)Weak GNSS/GPS signal at the mobile station (Rover)

If the GNSS antenna receives weak signals from GNSS satellites, it may not be able to calculate correctly and may result in FLOAT. In particular, if the signal is received in a place where the sky is not open (in a garage, near a windbreak, next to a building, etc.), FLOAT will occur. As a rule of thumb, try to adjust the reception location to a signal strength of 25 or more, preferably 35. In some cases, simply turning the AgriBus-GMiniR back on may help.

4)Unstable Internet connection at the mobile station (Rover)

Even if you are able to obtain correction information, if the internet connection is unstable, the necessary data may not be collected and the calculation may not be completed forever, resulting in a FLOAT. Please check the LTE signal status of the smartphone/tablet you are using. If you are using "AgriBus-G2", please check the coverage area of mobile signal (3G) on NTT DoCoMo website. Please note that the correction information is designed in such a way that there is no problem even if it is interrupted for about 30 seconds. In this case, simply restarting the "AgriBus-NAVI" application or turning the "AgriBus-G2" back on may help.

In other cases, if you usually get "FIX" but sometimes get "FLOAT", the situation may be described in (3) and (4) above.


②"If you see the message "An error has occurred.

If you are using manual settings in Ntrip V1, please check the settings for Host, Port, Mount Point, etc. against the services you are using.


③If the message "Timeout has occurred" is displayed

If you are using manual settings in Ntrip V1, please check the settings for Host, Port, Mount Point, etc. against the services you are using.


④If the message "Mount point not found" is displayed

First, please make sure that both the reference station and the mobile station are located in a place where an Internet connection (Wi-Fi, LTE signal) is available. Since correction information is sent and received using an Internet connection, RTK positioning cannot be achieved in locations without an Internet connection.

If there is no problem with the Internet connection (Wi-Fi, LTE signal), the cause may be one of the following

1)The mode setting of "AgriBus-GMiniR" installed at the reference station is set to Rover.

In the "AgriBus-GTools" application, make sure that the "Mode" is set to "Base" and that the "Wi-Fi" and "Ntrip" connections are working.

2)The Wi-Fi router is disconnected.

The "AgriBus-GMiniR" may be disconnected from the Wi-Fi router. Please check the settings of your Wi-Fi router. You may want to check the following items. Eco mode, blocking of harmful sites, number of DHCP quotas, privacy separator, guest port availability time


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