GNSS/GPS status goes from FIX to FLOAT, SINGLE

There are two main reasons why the GNSS/GPS status changes from FIX to FLOAT or SINGLE: 1. when the GNSS signal condition is bad, and 2. when the correction information is not received for a certain period of time. Please check the following.

  1. When GNSS signal conditions are poor
    In places where it is difficult to receive signals from GNSS satellites, such as near windbreaks, next to buildings, or where the sky is not open.

  2. When the correction information has not been received for a certain period of time.
    If you are in a place where the signal of cell phone network is difficult to reach. If the correction information from the reference station has not reached the Internet or a correction transfer service such as "AgriBus-Caster". If there is a problem in the correction information transfer service such as "AgriBus-Caster".

※. We have confirmed that there is no problem even if the correction information is interrupted for about 30 seconds.

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