What should I do if I can't connect with AgriBus-NAVI?

Please check the following points.

・ Please check Google Play to make sure you have the latest versions of "AgriBus-NAVI" and "AgriBus-GTools".
・ Turn on the power to the "AgriBus-GMiniR" and check if the LED on the main unit is on/flashing.

・ Please upgrade the firmware of this "AgriBus-GMiniR" to the latest version using "AgriBus-GTools".
・Please make sure that the mode of this AgriBus-GMiniR is set to Rover (mobile station) in AgriBus-GTools.
・Make sure that "AgriBus-GMiniR" is selected in the [GNSS acquisition method] of "AgriBus-NAVI".

・Please make sure that this "AgriBus-GMiniR" is selected in the "Bluetooth devices" of "AgriBus-NAVI".
・ Please make sure that no other phone/tablet is connected to this "AgriBus-GMiniR".

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