It takes too long to synchronize and you get a message telling you to try again.

[Because there are many items to synchronize, it has been suspended. Up to 300 items can be synchronized at one time. Please perform the operation of "Sync data" from the menu on the left again.]

Is displayed normally.

In order to reduce the load on the server, synchronization is a mechanism to temporarily cancel up to 100 cases at a time. The fact that this display appears means that data was accumulated on the Android device side.

I think you can see the progress in the notification bar. Repeat the sync operation until it reaches 100%. If there are 200 fields or work histories, it is necessary to perform the synchronization work twice.

In addition, up to 33% is in the field, up to 66% is the work history, and after that the reference line is synchronized.
Even if it takes time, please wait until it reaches 100% anyway.

Thank you


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