How do I create a field map?

In order to manage the field, you must first register your own field.
Using AgriBus-Web makes it easy to register fields.

※ You can register fields from AgriBus-NAVI or from a AgriBus-Web on a PC, but this is how to register fields from a PC.

Please see here for how to register from AgriBus-NAVI.


■ Field creation method


The method of creating a field is very simple.
After logging into AgriBus-Web, click Create at the bottom right of the field registration window.

After the map is displayed, use the current location button and zoom button in the upper right of the map to display the field.

When the field is displayed, click the □ button at the upper right of the map to set the field creation mode.

Click in order to surround the field.
At the end, click where you clicked the first point.
The field in the figure above is a rectangle, but it is also possible to create a polygonal field other than a rectangle.
After entering the field name and clicking the Create button, the creation is completed.


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