What should I consider when choosing an external GNSS/GPS device?

Please use an external GNSS/GPS device to increase the accuracy of location information.


Classification positioning system Equipment Accuracy measurement error Work guidelines
low precision single positioning Smartphones and tablets 2.5m 50cm-2m Fertilizer application and reversing work in grassland. The main purpose is to check the work trail. It is not suitable for straight-line work.
Medium accuracy single positioning
- 2.5m 30cm-1m Fertilizer application and raking with a broadcaster.
High precision single positioning
0.5m-1m 10-20cm Tilling,soil breaking,Land preparation, etc.
Ultra-high precision RTK AgriBus-GMiniR
2cm-5cm Less than 10cm Sowing, etc.



  • Wired connection via USB
    Some smartphones and tablets may not allow USB connection or may limit the power supply to the smartphone or tablet itself. This depends on the specifications of the phone or tablet, and we cannot provide support for this.

  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth
    It is stable and less prone to connection and power supply problems with smartphones and tablets.Wireless connection via Bluetooth is recommended for use with AgriBus-NAVI.It is also possible to use a GNSS receiver that supports RS232C output by connecting it to a Bluetooth/serial converter (e.g. RATOC REX-BT60).

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