Which phones/tablets are supported?

The AgriBus-NAVI application is compatible with Android devices that meet the following requirements

  • Android version 6.0 or higher on Google Play devices
  • Devices with GPS, Bluetooth, and gyro sensor

※Either a smartphone or tablet is acceptable, but we recommend a device with the largest screen possible.
※Please note that there are tablets that do not have a GPS sensor and only use Wi-Fi to locate your position.
※If you are using a tablet, please use a cellular model since an Internet connection is required to receive correction information.
※AgriBus-NAVI" applications downloaded from sources other than the Google Play Store cannot be used. It is not supported.
※AgriBus-NAVI is not compatible with iOS.



If you are using a carrier model smartphone or tablet, such as a docomo tablet, problems may occur due to pre-installed applications (docomo "my daiz", "Anshin Security", etc.). If you experience any malfunctions, please temporarily stop operation and try again.

Reference Information
Here is a list of smartphones/tablets that we have in our possession and can check the operation of the application. Please use this information as a reference when purchasing a smartphone/tablet.

*This is a list of smartphones/tablets that we are able to check operation when we are notified of a problem. We do not guarantee the operation of all of them.

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