Which devices support AgriBus-NAVI?

Although a wide variety of Android OS tablets and smartphones are available, it is not possible to understand all of them and to introduce the ones that can be recommended.
I am very sorry.

The following points should be considered when choosing.
Android version 5.0 or higher and GPS-enabled
Unfortunately, it is not compatible with iOS.
Also, it can not be downloaded to the tablet without GPS function.
Also, Android installed on banana-pi is not supported.

When connecting with an external GPS via Bluetooth (wireless communication), the terminal must be equipped with a Bluetooth.
SPPs (Serial Port Profiles) must be available, regardless of Bluetooth version.
The availability of SPPs may not be publicly available, but most SPPs are available if a Bluetooth is installed.

About power supply and recharging
Even when using a Bluetooth connection or a separate terminal, the power supplied from the adapter may not work in time, and the battery may be consumed (not kept for a day).
Current consumption can be improved by reducing (darkening) the backlight (prolonging the drive time).
It also depends on performance and screen size.
My impressions from my past experience are that the screen is not too large, not too bright, and the performance is better and the balance is more important than before.

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