What will I be able to do if I purchase a subscription to the Standard Plan?

Free Plan (free version)

  • Indefinite GNSS/GPS navigation
  • Creating Cultivated land
  • Set the Guidance Line, and fill in the working locus.
  • Ability to manage Work records (2 days) and cultivated land
  • Use of AgriBus-Web, an AgriBus series product that allows Work records and Cultivated land management on a PC or tablet.
  • Free Updates

Standard Plan (¥1,200/month or ¥12,000/year)


In addition to the features available in the Free Plan, you can use the following features

  • Cultivated land information display tray that displays information such as height difference, inclination, driving speed, and number of GPS satellites in an easy-to-read, color-coded format.
  • Indefinite Work records management
  • Display and check the current position of managed vehicles (AgriBus-Web)
  • Export Work records saved data and view it with spreadsheet software, etc.
  • Save previously applied guidance lines and apply them to the next job.
  • In addition to straight line guidance, curve guidance
  • Recall and apply saved guidance lines near your current location.
  • Use of AgriBus-Caster, an RTK-GNSS correction information transfer service that enables accuracy of several centimeters
  • Work ON/OFF switching with earphone/headphone control buttons
  • Online Support
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