What can I do if I subscribe to a standard plan?

What you can do with the Standard Plan


Function to be unlocked
Subscribing to the Standard Plan unlocks the following functions:

Function Content
Information display tray(*1) Color-coded displays of differences in elevation, inclination, running speed, GNSS status, number of satellites, etc.
Real-time indication of vehicle position in "AgriBus-Web"(*2) You can check the vehicle position in real time from the PC on the Now screen of the AgriBus-Web.
How long the data is stored in the AgriBus-Web Never expires (2 days if you do not have a standard plan agreement)
Exporting Data Saved in AgriBus-Web It can be exported in TSV format and viewed in a text editor or spreadsheet software.
Saving guidance reference lines You can save previously applied reference lines and apply them in the next task.
Recalling a reference line saved near you You can extract and apply a list of reference lines saved close to your current location
Curve Guidance In addition to line guidance, curve guidance is available.
Assign functions to the headset's multi-function buttons You can assign a task or a non-task toggle
Use of AgriBus-Caster(*3) NTRIP Caster services are available for transferring corrections generated by RTK-GNSS base stations to mobile stations.
3G communication in AgriBus-G2 You can activate the 3G communications required to retrieve corrections from AgriBus-G2.


Information display tray(*1)About

When GPS guidance is displayed, real-time color-coding of information such as differences in height, slope, running speed, GNSS status, and number of satellites becomes possible.


Real-time display of vehicle position in "AgriBus-Web"(*2)About

By turning on the real-time vehicle position display function "AgriBus-Now", you can check the vehicle position from "AgriBus-Web". Even if you have multiple tractors, you can see in a bird's-eye view where each of them is working.


Use of AgriBus-Caster(*3)About

AgriBus-Caster is a simple, simple, stable NTRIP Caster service that transfers corrections generated by RTK-GNSS base stations to mobile stations. Compatible with RTK base stations other than AgriBus-GMini/GMiniR. The mobile station can receive data via "AgriBus-G+/G2" "RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini" app.

How to subscribe to AgriBus-NAVI's standard plan (¥12,000 per year, ¥1,200 per month)

AgriBus-NAVI Standard Plans can be subscribed from the AgriBus-NAVI.


Press the left cogwheel button to enter this screen, and press in red to begin subscribing to the Standard Plan.

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